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Featured Businesses

Featured Businesses 

Made by Maeberry 

Made by Maeberry founder Rachael Skidmore began her jewelry company with the dream of bringing joy and positivity into women’s lives. A work-from-home mom, Rachael used polymer clay to free her creative spirit, molding and creating one-of-a-kind pieces that captured her passion for color and design.

Rachael believes that jewelry can be more than just an accessory, rather a piece of wearable art. With bold shapes and gorgeous pallets, her work connects women to their fierce femininity and spirit, infusing fun into every outfit. Wearing her signature collections such as Le Femme and The Ophelia, women can feel empowered to embrace their own passions and discover their endless possibilities.

Bisby Candles

Queen Dolly Parton once said, “You never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.”

For Bisby Candle owner Aimee Best, these words ring especially true. As a child growing up in foster care and state-run shelters, Aimee dreamed of one day being more than just a statistic and becoming a role model for girls like her. With courage and creativity, Aimee navigated her path marked with challenges, grief, and heartbreak to grow into the business owner she is today. Inspired by her mentors, Aimee believes in the power of women supporting other women. Her passion drives her to empower women to embrace their ambition, buck tradition, and take the reigns as leaders. 

As a creative, Aimee draws inspiration from exploring new places and cultures. She, along with her team at Bisby Candles, bring this same sense of wonder to her craft. Using natural ingredients, Bisby thoughtfully crafts scents that transport to the charm, beauty, and adventure of new worlds with every inhale. Whether its the romance of Paris or flavor of Buenos Aires, each Bisby candle burns a new story, one that inspires you to be brave and try something new. 

Adria Adams Co. 

Adria Adams believes that when women follow their passions and pursue their dreams, amazing things can happen. She launched her company Adria Adams Co. with the desire to take a chance on herself and her talent for creating beautiful art that inspires. Instead of the standard nine to five, Adria’s days are filled with creativity as she creates digital artwork and watercolor paintings that capture the emotion and spirit of the world around her. 

Adria hopes to empower other women to take the leap of faith and invest in themselves. Since starting her business, she has discovered the resilience, excitement for learning, and balance that comes from work rooted in authenticity and passion. As an artist and a business owner, she knows that true beauty does not come from perfection, rather a will to continue to grow and bloom every day. 

When she is not working on her commissioned or creative pieces, Adria recharges with her two other great loves - her husband and her dogs. When she takes moments to consciously unwind, Adria finds she opens the door for inspiration to freely roll in. The design for The Women’s Collective Box blossomed from an idea that came in one of these moments of natural revelation and has guided some of her most exciting work.  

Nash & Jones

After discovering harmful toxins and chemicals in her beauty products were making her sick, Nash & Jones founder Kimberely Rohwer set out on a mission to redefine self-care. Guided by her faith, she broke free from the misinformation and shame of the beauty industry to create products rooted in love. She found the answers in her garden, discovering the potent, nourishing, and lush ingredients the earth has to offer. From this harvest, she created a line of gorgeous products that embrace our body's true needs with simple luxury and transparency.

Through her work and life, Kimberely empowers women to rid themselves of the belief that they have something to prove. Every woman, complex, beautiful, and strong, is deserving of infinite love. Self-care starts when women stop defining themselves as a problem. Routines centered in love and care is where true beauty can grow. 

When she is not working alongside her Nash & Jones family, Kimberely enjoys channeling her creativity into interior design. Whether she is envisioning a layout, leading a renovation or hunting for the perfect accent, she loves to be hands-on throughout the entire process. Above all, Kimberley’s family is her top priority. The love and time she gives to them is her greatest achievement. 

Lark & Ives 

Named after two small migratory birds,  Lark & Ives is for women ready to take flight. 

Founders Heather and Karla embarked on their great adventure with the desire to create products that added style and luxury to everyday life. Inspired by their passion for travel and joie de vivre, Lark & Ives offers a collection of vegan leather products and accessories in an array of chic colors and sleek designs. 

As business owners, Heather and Karla are dedicated to honoring the modern woman through crafting versatile products that do not compromise on style. Whether they are grocery shopping or jet setting, women deserve to be adorned in products that make them feel courageous and confident. Through their beautifully crafted line with curated color palettes and quality metals, they hope to remind women of their beauty and inner strength no matter what the day may bring. 

Heather and Karla can always be found with their signature card purse. When they are not running Lark & Ives, Heather and Karla cherish their time at home. For Karla, recharging means playtime with her son or trying a new recipe in her kitchen. For Heather, there’s nothing better than a weekend spent watching her favorite television series. 

Hadron Epoch Design Studio 

Since beginning her career in 2006, Terri Wan’s creativity and business savvy have helped leading apparel manufacturers to bring contemporary fashion to the masses. In 2016, her passion for the beauty and artistry of fashion led her to paper products. She fell in love with how thoughtful design and quality materials could motivate creative thinking and new ideas. Today, as the creative director and partner of Hadron Epoch Design Studio, Terri’s keen eye and taste marry productivity with style. Hadron Epoch’s line of premium-grade paper products inspires an elevated daily routine with gorgeous colors and modern design. 

When the pages of her Hadron Epoch signature planner are not full, Terri unwinds with a bath, a glass of wine, and some online shopping. These moments of relaxation are rare as Terri works to launch her own fashion label in 2020.